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SpaceCrew Finance Group News Digest: August 2023

SpaceCrew Finance Group News Digest: August 2023

As another month concludes, we're thrilled to share the whirlwind of achievements and milestones from the SpaceCrew Finance Group. August was a month filled with innovations and advancements. Let's zoom in on what our partners have been up to!

OnCredit Vietnam: Rising to New Heights

  • Cheers to 4 Years! OnCredit Vietnam celebrated its 4th anniversary, marking yet another year of delivering exceptional financial services.

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  • Enhanced Scoring Metrics. With an aim to fine-tune lending processes, the scoring was updated, promising a significant drop in the Default rate.

  • Top-notch Verification. Doubling down on their commitment to security, the verification process now boasts improved recognition of documents during photo verification.

  • Lightning-fast Server Processing. Optimized servers now ensure a quicker processing of applications, making the client experience smoother than ever.


OnCredit Shri-Lanka: Breaking Boundaries

  • Expanding Advertising Horizons. In a move to diversify their reach, new partnerships were formed to enhance advertising traffic.

  • Scoring & Validation Upgrades. Scoring received a facelift for a better Default rate, and validation rules were revamped to refine their system.

  • Efficient Server Management. Optimization of the project servers ensures reliability and faster performance.

  • Website Refresh. Their online portal has been revamped, offering an even more user-friendly experience.

SpaceCrew Finance Group News Digest August 2023 results


ClickCredit Poland: Pioneering Innovations

  • Verification Enhancements. The rules for verifiers were re-evaluated, leading to a notable increase in the Approval Rate.

  • Marketing Analytics Onboard. A new implementation now allows the tracking of advertising channels' outcomes with precision.

  • Admin at Its Best. The newly developed marketing admin panel is set to streamline and enhance retention result operations.

A Moment of Recognition

Kudos to MyCredit for securing the esteemed "Quality Star" award. An international recognition that underscores their commitment to exemplary products and services.


As we welcome a fresh month, remember, with the SpaceCrew Finance Group, we're not just reaching for the stars; we're going beyond. Beyond possible 🚀


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