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About Us

We allow anyone who wants to create to do so together with professionals.

We give you the opportunity to earn more personally than you can earn in the market and find a balance between risk and income.

We combine modern opportunities with the rules and possibilities of the classical financial market.

Lonvest is among the simplest ways to invest in personal loans worldwide. With a trusted partner, start earning passive money right away.

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10 years ago, I embarked on my journey in the fintech industry, venturing into the world of lending. Over the years, we’ve successfully established profitable companies in Ukraine, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka, reaping the rewards of our lending business. 


Today, we extend this exciting opportunity to European citizens, offering the chance to earn an impressive return of 12 to 15%. Join Lonvest on this lucrative journey and start earning with us today!

Roman KaterynchykCEO and founder

Our Team

We have 10 years in the finance and more than 15 years in the Tech business. We are not a startup, but rather a product that has emerged at the crossroads of global expansion and entering new markets with a business model that has already demonstrated itself in several continents, including Europe and Asia.

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Roman Katerynchyk

Chief Executive Officer
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Kate Devyatkina

Chief Operating Officer
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Nataliya Holyak

Chief Financial Officer
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Alex Prokopiev

Chief Technology Officer
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Oleksandra Lutytska

Chief Legal Officer


Originators Geography

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Receiving a Profit

High Yield

Experience attractive returns with our platform, offering a generous range of 9 to 15% for investment durations of 30 days or more.

Group Guarantee

If a loan originator encounters financial difficulties and cannot fulfill the buyback guarantee, an additional Group guarantee is in place to provide extra protection for your founds.


Gain full transparency and real-time insights into the progress and profitability. Easily track and monitor the whereabouts and performance of your placed founds.

Start with €10

Discover a seamless and effortless way to get started with the platform. Invest as little as 10 euros and enjoy potential profits of up to 15 percent.



We check each originator company personally, and since we participate daily in its business operationally, we are responsible for each company.

Group Guarantee

For each transaction and each portfolio of the company, there is a group guarantee, which means that if something goes wrong with the company, other companies in the group will cover the debts.


In every deal you invest in, our reputation is at stake. So, we are interested in success just as much as you are.


We do not charge additional fees for withdrawals.


We show the origin of our funds, our names, and the company's beneficiaries and put everything on the line accordingly.


Each company is audited and regularly publishes its reports on the platform.

Product mission

Investor's perspective
Investor's perspective

From the investor's perspective, the product's mission is to provide a safe and consistently high income. The investor's income must always be higher than that of a bank or security. We will strive to ensure that the investor's income is always in the range up to 15% per annum.

Borrower’s perspective
Borrower’s perspective

The mission of the product from the point of view of the client is to make money available to people on all continents, to cover as many segments of the population as possible who do not have the opportunity or access to banking products but at the same time need money for their daily needs.

Start Investing Today!

Start investing from as low as 10 EUR

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Lonvest P2P Investment Platform
Lonvest is a P2P investment platform where investors can earn up to 15% interest based on country and loan originator. We cater to various preferences, offering short-term and middle-term investments with compelling passive income.
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